Services We Offer

Residential And Commercial Construction

Whether you plan to build your dream house or invest in real estate, Max Modern can provide you with all the answers. We handle the end-to-end process for you. In addition, we make sure that the timetable, process and budget are correct from the beginning, so you won’t have to worry about it.From stunning open-air designs to open-plan residences to multi-storey residences, Max Modern can achieve any look and style you want according to your preferred budget and individual needs.In Max Modern Architecture, we are not only committed to providing you with industry-leading quality standards and outstanding innovative designs, but also providing you with the best value. Talk to one of our friendly team members now to learn how Max Modern can make your next construction project a complete success.

Knockdown and Rebuild

At Max Modern, we know that building a new home in many cases, is safer and better investment than renovating a new house. There are a lot of hidden problems while building a new home, We Max Modern are here to ensure that you avoid all these hidden problems and budgets are correct from start to finish, which in turn will be able to give you a peace of mind

Demolition of existing houses and building new houses will provide valuable opportunities to realize your dream home and the design you have always wanted. Our designer will help you customize the design to meet your lifestyle and family needs without compromising quality or style.

Renovations and Extensions

Renovating a house is a good idea for many reasons. Some clients likes the original features, some like the idea of ​​stamping their houses with their own design. At Max Modern, we are ready to handle all your house renovation projects, while ensuring that all potential problems are effectively resolved and within budget, so that the house of your dreams can appear without any setbacks.No matter if we carry out any new kitchen or bathroom, house renovation or expansion project, you can rest assured that it will be completed by a professional and trustworthy team. Our businessmen are all qualified industry professionals, and their work ranges from property maintenance to completion of house renovation and expansion.


Backed by extensive experience in wood products and joinery, Max Modern can meet the construction and woodworking needs of many customers. From home renovation, retail store renovation and office renovation to small builders, and even high-end commercial developers and builders, we can provide customized results to meet our clients’ budget, time frame and personal requirements.We have the skills and expertise to handle all forms of joinery and wood products. We are not only carpenters, but we also provide unique concepts and remodeling-all of which are achieved through high-quality craftsmanship.Are you looking for a company that can help in an emergency? Whether it is a damaged shelf in a retail store or a problem related to the property on the market, we can provide remedial carpentry to solve the current problem. We understand that certain situations require urgent attention; therefore, we are always committed to providing timely services when we need them.Max Modern provides a wide range of woodworking services to Sydney customers. We are only limited by your imagination.